Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I have been so involved with catching up with work responsibilites since returning from vacation, I have not taken the time to update you with any news. As you know, I am the Team Captain this year for our hospital's Relay for Life team. I have a personal goal to raise $750.00 and the team's goal is $10,000. Here is my progress thus far.

Goal: $750.00
Achieved: $355.84

I still have 4 weeks left and will continue to ask, ask, and ask. I understand completely that times are hard and money is tight. Neighbors and friends have been surprisingly generous this year. Now if I can only get family members sending me money

Hope everyone has a wonderful Tuesday.

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  1. That is great on your progress, and I totally understand about donations. It seems for our March of Dimes team, we generally get most of our money from neighbors, strangers, friends, and church members, etc. As far as family members, that is where we get the least amount of money it seems, oh well. I guess that's how it goes, but good luck, and I hope you reach your goal!